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{ iron and lightning }

What, like I would stop claiming things during finals week, psh. Please, if you're thinking that me and writing have ever made any sense, you have reached the wrong number, please hang up and try again.

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{ it's hierophantastic! }

Because, honestly, when I finish one claim, why not go ahead and start another one, right?

This is to keep me sane while working at a crazy library. We'll see which gets done first, the prompts or the library.

This table is actually a challenge that I've been meaning to try for a while-- writing about each one of the Tarot cards as part of a theme. And what better fandom to do that with that Persona?

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dalek party

{ heart of iron }

I like writing too much. I think that this more than confirms it. But, at least, as opposed to buying all of these neato perfumes for their descriptions, I can save money and increase my skill by writing about them instead.

Problem solved.

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It's Always the Mysterious Guys

Yeah, that's just how I roll these days.

Funnily enough, I seem to recall making a post to put all the claims I made into...oh well. I guess my tendency to rush ahead into these things totally evades all rational thought.
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*squee* Kuro-plush is Done! 8DDD

What's this? A plushie for CC? Oh my.

Right. There's an interesting story behind this one, which basically involves me getting frustrated a lot and eventually producing something pretty. :D Wow, when does that ever happen?

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